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The Slightly Naughty Hot Toddy

The original and a slightly adapted version

OK, Hot Whiskey for cold winter nights. Yes please! My mom has prepared this hot toddy recipe for my sister, father and I, and for whoever else may be feeling a bit down and fluish in her presence for years and years, well, at least since I could legally drink whisky of course 😉 Try one or two of these and it is sure to help to give you some relief. Jameson Irish Whisky is a smooth Irish Whiskey which lends itself easily to Hot Toddies, Irish Coffee’s and as a sipping Whiskey. I am a bit partial to the Jameson so in my humble opinion.. no… it may not be substituted!  I fully believe that it is part of the magic of this recipe!

Mulled wine with oranges and spices on table close up


Plantain, the Amazingly Medicinal Yard Weed !

Episode 1 of Backyard Foraging: Wild Food

You don’t need to trek through the forest to forage and find edible plants. You will be amazed by how many of the everyday “weeds” you see each day are actually nutritious edibles! In this series I intend to forage my own backyard and outline the usage, storage and preparation guidelines for many of these backyard “weeds”, as well as their health benefits! Read on and enjoy!


Hangover Remedy with Essential Oils!

JUST IN CASE you over do it this weekend.. I’ve got an oil for that!


I LOVE the fourth of July..! The backyard BBQ’s, firework displays, parades and for our family a birthday for an amazing little girl! So.. back to the party topic…. IN CASE YOU OVER DO IT THIS WEEKEND.. give one, or all of these hangover remedies a try!
PS.. I update and add more often so be sure to bookmark and check back!