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Wild Violet Syrup

If you read through my last foraging post about wild violets you might be wondering what the heck you would do with them once harvested! This violet syrup is super simple and super rewarding! Its finished result is a sweet, wild treat with a the beautiful violet tint of its wild heritage.

small syrup

Violets bloom up here in zone 5 in late May to Early June depending on the year. They appear in gardens and yards, along road sides and streams… (more…)

Backyard Foraging Episode 2 – Wild Violets

Backyard Foraging – Wild Violets

violets small

Though pretty, many people look at wild violets as a horrible weed that quickly takes over lawns and gardens. They are further frustrated by the fact that wild violets are really hard to control. But I have good news. Instead of looking at them as a scourge to your existence, wild violets should be viewed as useful wild plants that you can enjoy instead of hate! (more…)