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Pig Ears – Easy Homemade Dog Treats

I recently came into a whole passle of pig ears… Yes really, that sort of thing happens to me:) We actually raised a bunch of pigs with friends and nobody else wanted the ears! Can you believe it! Pig ears happen to be one my dogs favorite treats, but at about a $2.00 a piece, and the fact that he eats them in like 30 seconds he doesn’t get them very often. I was super pumped to try making them myself!

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Raw Sauerkraut Made the Old Fashioned Way!

Lacto fermentation… It’s what the cool kids are doing on Tuesday nights… Oh it’s not? Well it’s what I was doing last Tuesday 🙂 Sauerkraut is the most classic example of a lacto-ferment and that my friends is why I have decided to make it my first!

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