Pig Ears – Easy Homemade Dog Treats

I recently came into a whole passle of pig ears… Yes really, that sort of thing happens to me:) We actually raised a bunch of pigs with friends and nobody else wanted the ears! Can you believe it! Pig ears happen to be one my dogs favorite treats, but at about a $2.00 a piece, and the fact that he eats them in like 30 seconds he doesn’t get them very often. I was super pumped to try making them myself!

dog treatsJust because you haven’t recently butchered a pig, does not mean you can’t use this “recipe”. Many grocery stores actually sell raw pig ears, and you can always call a local butcher. Lots of people leave these behind!

I layered the pig ears in my dehydrator and put the cover on. I  had to use a heavy book to weigh it down at first because they were huge! Set your dehydrator to low and let sit for about 12 hours. As you can see in the picture on the left, these came out amazing and look and feel just like the ones you buy from the store!

That’s it! Easy homemade dog treats, your furry friend will love!

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