Smooth Move Green Smoothie

Smooth Move Green Smoothie


Good, clean, raw energy in a glass! Get “things” moving with my favorite fiber, probiotic, vitamin and mineral packed green smoothie!


  • Pack at least 2 Cups of Kale in your blender. (I’m on team Vitamix ūüôā but there are many other great choices!
  • One green apple, cored and sliced (skins on!)*
  • 4 strawberries
  • one banana
  • one cucumber skins on
  • 1 Cup raw ¬†whole milk Kefir, I ferment my own but if you haven’t ventured there yet you can just use¬†full fat¬†greek yogurt and reduce the amount to 1/2 cup!


  • Chop as needed for you blender to process effectively, what I love about the Vitamix is you can just toss it all in pretty much whole! Blend until smooth adding a bit of water if needed to get things going. Add about a cup or so of ice at the end and voila! You have just made yourself a fiber, vitamin and probiotic packed breakfast, complete with healthy fats and protein!

Breaking down the Ingredients!

Kale: via

Green Apple: via

Strawberries: via


Banana: via



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